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Booking Policy

Orooms is completely BROKERAGE FREE for our Tenants. We do not charge any Convenience Fee or Assistance Fee.

Tenant can cancels within 24 hours of booking, the token & security deposit will be entirely refunded.

If cancellation is made after 24 hours from the date on which the booking is made, cancellation charges of 100% of the Token Amount paid would be applicable. [To illustrate if the booking is made on 01 April 2017 and cancelled on 03 April 2017, cancellation charges would be applicable]

Tenant is required to pay a part of the security deposit, referred as the token deposit, at the time of booking which is 25% of your rent or Rs 2000 whichever is higher. This helps us secure the vacancy for you. The amount will be deducted from the security deposit on the license date

If in a rare chance we cancel the booking of your room we would refund Token amount online within 3 working days.

In all the houses which are under owner’s confirmation policy, tenants need to pay the Security deposit on the License start date and also submit KYC documents (as mentioned in Documents policy) for verification by the Owner. The move-in date will be extended in the event any tenant fails to submit the required document.

Tenant needs to pay one months of rent as security deposit (can be differ depending on the Owner)

The remainder of Security deposit need to be paid on the license start date

Security / token deposit can be paid either by cash or online.

Orooms does not provide Rent Receipt. You have to collect the same from your Landlord.

Orooms.i acts as a bridge and a resource between PG/hostels and students and is in no way liable for any other issues.

We maintain large pool of updated properties listed on our website. However, at times, listing available on our website may not be available for booking.


After booking for our partner property the security deposit /refunds etc. are according to the agreement between the owners and the tenants and Orooms has no role whatsoever, in fulfilling the liability by any of the parties.

We depend on dynamic availability of Rooms/Beds as per regular Inventory provided by our partners. We offer On Spot Booking post you have visited a location however you should choose to book at a later date or time we may not be able to offer Exact Property/Room/Bed due to heavy demand and dynamic nature of our business. If you have paid a Token Amount and Property you have chosen is Sold Out, we will arrange for similar accommodation for you in your location preference and budget.




*For our partner property we are not providing 3 days trail policy it is depending upon the agreement between landlord & tenant and is applicable between them.

Flagship Property

If you don’t like the house for whatever reason WITHIN 3 DAYS of move-in, we shall process your refund after deducting ONLY

25% of the monthly rent + rent for the first day from license start date

35% of the monthly rent + rent for the second day from license start date

45% of the monthly rent + rent for the third day from license start date

Notice period and security deposit charges does not apply when you cancel within 3 days of move-in.

If you decide to stay in the house after 3 days, you are required to stay a minimum of 6 months, or you can vacate the house before 6 months after paying one month’s rent as early termination charges.


Orooms enables a "No Lock-In" policy for our Tenants however you are required to serve a mandatory "15 Days’ Notice Period" before vacating the premises.

If the tenant decides to move out before 6 months of stay with Orooms, he/she will be required to pay an amount equivalent month as early termination charges, assuming 15-days' notice is given.

Refund on move-out


Cancellations are allowed only up to 3 days of move in and anything after that would be considered a move out. Applicable only for flagship property

The security deposit shall be refunded, after deduction if any as per Orooms policies, within 7 bank working days from the day of move-out.

If the tenant decides to move out before 6 months of stay with Orooms, Then he/she will be charge one month’s rent as charges early termination, assuming 15-days' notice is given.


Tenant has to serve 15 days of notice period  while vacating, then then the charges would be equal to the no. of days he/she stay in that month.

If a tenant moves out within 6 months without giving 15 days of notice, then the security money will not be given.

Security amount will be refunded only after completing 6 months of stays.

Any unpaid rent, utility payments will be deducted from the security deposit.

Tenant has to pay for damages, on actuals, in case there’s some damage to the property or its belongings.

We would not be able to consider your Notice Period if any of your dues like security deposit, past due rent or electricity bill etc. are unpaid.

If staying at a Orooms partner property Your Landlord (if staying at a partner property) is responsible to refund your security deposit.

The agreement shall be delivered to the tenant after 3 days of move-in (after the trial period) and before 7 working days of moving in. The agreement shall be delivered via registered courier or in-person delivery

The agreement shall be delivered to the tenant after 3 days of move-in (after the trial period) and before 7 working days of moving in. The agreement shall be delivered via registered courier or in-person delivery.

Tenant need to ensure his presence on the scheduled move out date else the damages, if any, listed by the inspection team would be considered final.

Orooms is the most trustworthy, efficient way for students to find student accommodation. Orooms is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation. We believe in making accommodation easier for students and accommodation providers. We are a "technology-driven home rental marketplace" to make students lives better by making it simple to rent homes.  We are a discovery platform which offers ready to move-in individual rooms to the student for long stay & making their journey more beautiful & hassle-free.


Our mission is simple: A perfect place for every student.


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