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Our residences are ideal for students looking for full-service residences including wifi, laundry service, nutritious meals, professional housekeeping, and regular community events. All this is available at an affordable price for students and is strategically close to the coaching.

Orooms - 5371

Nearest to

Allen Sangyan & Samyak

Rent Includes

Wifi, Laundry, Nutritious Meals, Housekeeping

113 Students Rating
Rent starting from Rs.
Orooms - 5372

Nearest to

Allen Sangyan & Samyak

Rent Includes

Wifi, Laundry, Nutritious Meals, Housekeeping

94 Students Rating
Rent starting from Rs.
Orooms - 5373

Nearest to

Allen Sangyan & Samyak

Rent Includes

Wifi, Laundry, Nutritious Meals, Housekeeping

91 Students Rating
Rent starting from Rs.
Orooms - 5374

Nearest to

Allen Sangyan & Samyak

Rent Includes

Wifi, Laundry, Nutritious Meals, Housekeeping

63 Students Rating
Rent starting from Rs.
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Frequently asked questions


How do Orooms works?

Browse, Book & Stay. Know more

How do I book my Orooms?

You are just three simple steps away from booking your Orooms. Search- for rental houses on 'Browse houses' based on your preference. Schedule- Select your favorite property where you want to live & schedule a visit to the house. Book - Last final step book the room you like and that's it. just walk in with your suitcase. Explore homes

Will I be charged any brokerage fee?

Orooms is completely brokerage free for our tenants. We do not charge any convenience fee or assistance fee.

Can I visit an Orooms property?

You can come to see any Orooms property by scheduling a visit at your convenience We share the map location of the property via emails and SMS do you can easily find the property Please fill the feedback form about your visit to help us improve You can cancel or reschedule a visit if needed

How do I reach Orooms property?

We share the map location of the property via emails and SMS after you schedule the visit of the house you choose.

What if I am not satisfied with the Orooms property?

Write us to feedback it helps us to improve. Or call us at 08282828132

Will I be charged if I am not satisfied with the property I visit?

No, we do not charge any convenience fee or assistance fee. Our service is completely free for students.

How can I pre-book the room?

Call our support center and they are happy to help you out.

What is Orooms Standards?

Orooms provides a wide variety of room accommodations with spacious & fully furnished rooms with all basic requirements & amenities in your preferred locality. Know more

Is it safe to stay in Orooms property?

Yes, It is completely safe. We did so many inspections and checks (background, criminal, employment etc) after that the property gets listed on our platform. We also build up a team of dedicated professional (HEROES) who is there to help you in an emergency.

Refer & Earn

How does it work?

It’s simple. All you need to do is start sharing your referral code, with people you know who are looking to rent a home.

Can I refer anyone or just friends?

You can refer anyone. Even if it’s someone you met on the first day of coaching and barely know!

Is there a limit on the number of people I can refer?

Is there a limit on how much money you’d like to have in your bank account? Or a number of holidays you’d like to take? Or a number of times you’d like to go shopping? Thought so!

What does a successful referral mean?

When a referred person booked a room and start staying in an Orooms property.

Great, so when do I receive the money?

You receive the money soon after your referred tenant completes his/her 10 days of stay with Orooms.

How do I get the referral code?

Register yourself on the refer and & earn program, After registering you will get your own referral code within 24 hours.

I’ve registered, now how do I share my Referral Code?

Now you can shout out loud and make everyone listen. Or you could be slightly sophisticated and share your referral code over Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp SMS or Email. Pro-tip: You can share your referral code at your coaching, mess or office or on social media that cater to helping people find a home or roommate. I have a referral code from a friend, how do I use it? Apply the referral code at the time of booking a house.

Student hostel

How do I find best hostels in Kota?

In Kota, finding the best hostel or a good paying guest for you can be a bit tricky due to a lot of options available. So that’s what we’re here for! At Orooms we make it easier for the student accommodations by providing you with your house-keeping, safety, daily meals, medical-assistance and regular health check-ups, 24 hour support, community events and everything in between so that you can achieve your goal with maximum performance and efficiency.

What are some best hostels in Kota at affordable costs?

Here’s a list of best hostels to stay in Kota at affordable prices. Here are the links :-

What are student areas in Kota to stay on rent?

Here’s a list of areas in Kota to stay on rent for students and Orooms cover all these places too: -

What’s the cost of staying in hostels in Kota?

If you are looking for the affordable options then the price begins from Rs.5000 (does not include food and other amenities). Also the cost of staying in a hostel in Kota depends on 3 major things: -

  • Locality
  • Amenities
  • Service
At Orooms the price of hostels begins from Rs.8000 (including food, community events and some unusually great amenities).

What are some best hostels near Medical and IIT-JEE Institutes in Kota?

Here’s the list of best Medical and IIT-JEE Institutes in Kota: -

How are the hostels and mess facilities in Kota?

Healthy living necessary for success Your food plays a vital role in your mental health and thinking power.Generally most of the hostel fails to keep their food standard high. We understand this and make sure that our hostel meals are balanced and full of nutrients essential for the holistic development of your child. Sample Food menu of Orooms

Are there any good PGs/ Hostels in Kota for students?

Hostels in Kota or PGs are rental accommodations that offer living services based on your requirements. From AC rooms to homes inclusive of food/amenities and community events. Kota has many PGs and hostels as the student population is always looking for good stays in the city. These are links for some good PGs and hostels in Kota: -

How do I look for a student hostel in Kota?

Looking for Paying Guest Accommodation is extremely easy, following are some of the famous ways:

  • Social media like facebook, instagram
  • Real Estate Platforms
  • Local PG’s
  • Rental Applications like Orooms to help you find the best hostels in kota

How is hostel life in Kota?

Hostel life in Kota is a good experience, especially for those who have never experienced the hostel life ever. Orooms adds a value and make your journey more beautiful and hassle free. Here are a few extra things that Orooms does extra for you: -

  • Community events
  • Meditation programs
  • Orooms exclusive membership
  • Discounts and offers on over 500 stores in Kota
  • Orooms Heroes (24/7 support team for all your assistance)
Check out our community page.

How are the hostels in Kota protecting their Residents against Covid-19?

We have implemented health monitoring, regular residence sanitization, social distancing in all common areas, safe and no-touch dining facility, regular audits by healthcare experts, mandatory masks and a 100% safe pick-up and drop facility for students. We are strictly following safety guidelines by WHO. You can checkout this link to know more about the safety measures and methods we are taking to ensure you a safe living with us at Orooms. Check out the Safety Measures.

What should I check while booking a hostel in Kota?

You have to check many things while renting a shared/single room hostel in Kota. The room and the furniture should be just right. The amenities should include Wi-Fi, AC, power backup, hot water, and it should be well-located. We at Orooms take special care for your checklist and even premium amenities. All our properties are equipped with latest Remember to pick that hostel in Kota which is trying to be more like home. Because only a place like home will take care of all your needs.

Shall I opt for A Shared or Single Sharing hostel in Kota?

There is no hard and fast rule, you can either opt for a shared or single room hostel in Kota. Every hostel occupancy near you comes with its own advantages. And it all depends on what you prefer. That's why, at Orooms, you'll find all of them. Because we want to have the ability to satisfy you, no matter what you need.

What is Orooms?

Orooms is the most trustworthy, efficient way for students to find student accommodation. Orooms is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation. We’re solving real-life pains & make your journey more beautiful and hassle-free. Here are some of the services we provide to make your stay comfortable: -

  • No brokerage
  • Community spaces, regular events, meet-ups and workshops.
  • Meditation and healing events
  • House assist
  • Housekeeping services
  • Discount over 500 shops in Kota with Oprime membership.
  • And much more amazing amenities

How to find a homelike accommodation as a PG/hostel in Kota?

Truth be told, “Homelike accommodation” and “paying guest” rarely overlap. That’s why at Orooms, we don’t have PGs but second homes for our residents, who are not just “paying guest” but members of the Orooms family.

What are the documents required for booking a hostel in Kota with Orooms?

Hi, unlike regular PGs where you need to carry all documents but here at Orooms, you need not to do any paperwork,just carry;-

  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • 2 ID Proofs (Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Driving License).

What are community events all about?

Unlike local PGs in Kota and Hostels in Kota, Orooms student hostels in Kota offers a student-resident all-round development during their stay. After a hard day at coaching, the Motivational session is always refreshing at Orooms. Get access to exclusive events, community spaces, motivational sessions, adventurous trips or sessions with like-minded students in your free time.

Are girl’s hostels safe in Kota?

With a smart lock in every room and 24/7 security in place, Orooms hostels/stays for girls in Kota are very safe. Orooms have Heroes, a dedicated team for students who are available 24*7 for any kind of assistance. This is the links of some amazing girls hostels- Girls Hostels in kota Qoura Reviews

Is the help desk open 24/7?

The property manager is available at the beck and call of the student-residents living at the premises. Orooms also provide a student help desk which works 24/7.Orooms have Heroes a dedicated team for students, who are 24/7 available for any kind of services and assistance. This is the number - +91 8282823132

How can we pay the rent?

Orooms student hostels and stays encourage parents or guardians to make the payment through the online payment methods such as net banking and UPI transactions to avoid any inconvenience. However, we also provide payment with cash facility.

What basic amenities and furniture are available in the rooms?

  • We have only single or twin sharing rooms.
  • AC fitted in each room.
  • 24 hours water, geyser, hooks and towel rods inside the bathroom in each rooms.
  • Each student gets a cupboard, drawers with locks.
  • Bed with storage and mattress .
  • Study table with a chair.
  • Sun block blinds on windows & Dustbin.

What special precautions are taken by Orooms against covid-19?

Due to covid-19 pandemic student’s health & safety has been a matter of importance, we have put all our efforts to increase the hygiene and safety in our quality of service. We work towards pushing boundaries and paying utmost importance to student’s health & safety needs. We have actively taken necessary measures at our hostels and promoted the importance of a safety and hygiene environment for our students and staff members. Measures we are taking to keep our residents and visitors safe are: -

  • Health monitoring at the entrance.
  • Mandatory PPE and safety equipment.
  • Training as per as WHO norms.
  • Strict regulations of social distancing.
  • Sanitizers placed at multiple areas.
  • Regular health audits.
  • Sanitized & no-touch dining facility.
  • Everyday residence sanitization.
For further details check

Hostel in Kota near Resonance

Hostel in Kota near Resonance

Hostel in Landmark City Kota

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Orooms is the most trustworthy, efficient way for students to find student accommodation. Orooms is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation. Our aim is to make accommodation easier for students and accommodation providers. We are a "technology-driven home rental marketplace" to make students' lives better by making it simple to rent homes. We believe in empowering student mobility and we have started by making the process of finding accommodation easier. We’re solving real-life pains. & make your journey more beautiful & hassle-free.


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