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General Policy

Orooms is completely BROKERAGE FREE for our Tenants. We do not charge any Convenience Fee or Assistance Fee.


Once you have visited and booked the service through us, we charge a Token Amount of 25% of your rent or Rs 2000 whichever is higher. This helps us secure the vacancy for you. The amount will be subtracted from the security amount.


If Tenant cancels within 24 hours of booking, the token amount will be entirely refunded.


Tenant needs to pay one month of rent as a security deposit (can be depends on the Owner)


Tenant is required to pay a part of the security deposit, referred as the token deposit, at the time of booking. The remainder of the Security deposit post booking needs to be paid on the license start date.


If in a rare chance we cancel the booking of your room we would refund Token amount online within 3 working days.

In all the houses which are under owner’s confirmation policy, tenants need to pay the Security deposit on the License start date and also submit KYC documents (as mentioned in Documents policy) for verification by the Owner. The move-in date will be extended in the event any tenant fails to submit the required documents.


Security/token deposit can be paid either by cash or online.


We would not be able to adjust your Security Deposit in your final month of stay for flagship properties. All refunds will be processed after you have cleared all your dues and have vacated the premises in good condition 


In a partner property, Orooms collects the Security Deposit on behalf of the Owner/Landlord and pass the same to the owner. We do not keep Security Deposit on Hold or make any deduction from it and always forward the same in full to Owner/Landlord. Your Landlord (if staying at a partner property) is responsible to refund your security deposit.


In partner property the security deposit /refunds etc. are according to the agreement between the owners and the tenants and Orooms has no role whatsoever, in fulfilling the liability by any of the parties.


For a flagship property, Orooms will refund security deposit, after deduction if any as per Orooms policies, within 3 bank working days from the day of move-out.


For its partner property, Orooms doesn’t collect any cash or deposit. Any agreement between landlord and tenant is applicable between them and Orooms is not responsible for any kind of monetary transaction between landlord and tenant.


If you are in a partner property then Orooms does not provide Rent Receipt. You have to collect the same from your Landlord. We provide onetime payment receipt for the amount collected for facilitating your move-in; this does not automatically constitute a Landlord-Tenant relation.


Tenant needs to pay the rent in advance, on or before the 5th of every month.

In case, the tenant is moving into an Orooms property in any month, the rent for that month starts from the license start date. Applicable only for flagship property.




For our partner property, we are not providing 3 days trail policy. The policy for our partner property is depending upon the agreement between landlord & tenant and is applicable between them.


If you don’t like the house for whatever reason WITHIN 3 DAYS of move-in, we shall process your refund after deducting ONLY


15% of the monthly rent - rent for the first day from the license start date

25% of the monthly rent - rent for the second day from the license start date

35% of the monthly rent - rent for the third day from the license start date


Notice period and security deposit charges do not apply when you cancel within 3 days of move-in.


If you decide to stay in the house after 3 days, you are required to stay a minimum of 6 months, or you can vacate the house before 6 months after paying one month’s rent as early termination charges


If the tenant decides to move out before 6 months of stay with Orooms, he/she will be required to pay an amount equivalent month as early termination charges, assuming 15-days' notice is given.


Tenant has to provide 15-days' of notice while vacating,


If a tenant moves out within 6 months without giving 15 days of notice, The he/she will be required to pay an amount equivalent month as early termination charges


For partner property, the minimum stay is depending upon the agreement between landlord & tenant and is applicable between them. Orooms is not liable for any issue.


Cancellations are allowed only up to 3 days of move in and anything after that would be considered a move-out. Applicable only for flagship property


If the tenant decides to move out before 6 months of stay with Orooms, Then he/she will be charged one month’s rent as charges early termination, assuming 15-days' notice is given.


Security amount will be refunded only after completing 6 months of stays. But tenant has to give notice before vacating.


The security deposit shall be refunded, after deduction if any as per Orooms policies, within 7 bank working days from the day of move-out.


Any unpaid rent, utility payments will be deducted from the security deposit.


Tenant has to pay for damages, on actual, in case there’s some damage to the property or its belongings.


  • We would not be able to consider your Notice Period if any of your dues like a security deposit, past due rent or electricity bill, etc. are unpaid.


If staying at an Orooms partner property Your Landlord (if staying at a partner property) is responsible to refund your security deposit. Or it is depending upon the agreement between tenant & Owner.


No guests are allowed to stay overnight without informing the owner, guardian or the roommate’s


Guests of the opposite gender are strictly not allowed without the permission of the Owner and roommate’s


The host-tenant shall be held responsible for the conduct of his/her guests in the premise & its consequences thereafter. Any financial losses incurred shall be borne by the host-tenant.


It’s advised that tenant seeks his/her owner approval prior to raising such requests so that it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to them. In case the approval is not obtained, the tenant is expected not to host any guests.


Pets are only allowed in the houses that show up on the search once you select the "Pet-Friendly" filter on the website.


Orooms will not be liable for the upkeep of the pet or in the event any damage/ harm is caused to any person. Also, the owner of the pet will be liable to pay the cost of any damage caused to the property due to their pet.


Orooms houses are located in the education city of Kota. In order to maintain a peaceful & motivational environment of the society, nuisance or misconduct of any kind including but not limited to playing loud music, drinking/smoking in society corridors/ premises and consumption of illegal and banned substances are not allowed in Orooms houses.


Internal issues/ fights among the tenants are better resolved among roomies. Involvement of Orooms is not beneficial and hence undesirable.


In the event, tenant breaks any rules. Orooms & Owner reserves the right to, issue appropriate notice including but not limited to Eviction notice to the tenant or charge a penalty amount of 2500 INR or more at its sole discretion.


Visitors of the opposite sex are not allowed unless approved by roommates and society office and Hostel Owner (wherever applicable).


The tenant shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the Scheduled Premise and neither the owner nor its vendors shall not be held liable/ responsible for the same.


In the case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the room, tenants staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible.


A reasonable sum shall be deducted from the security deposit of tenants towards compensation of the loss/ theft and damage or an amount as mentioned in cancellation & refund policy. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.


For general maintenance & showing houses to other tenants, Orooms employees or its affiliate agents may keep a copy of the keys of your house. We advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places.


We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.


We depend on the dynamic availability of Rooms/Beds as per regular Inventory provided by our partners. We offer On Spot Booking post you have visited a location however you should choose to book at a later date or time we may not be able to offer Exact Property/Room/Bed due to heavy demand and dynamic nature of our business. If you have paid a Token Amount and Property you have chosen is Sold Out, we will arrange for similar accommodation for you in your location preference and budget.


We maintain a large pool of updated Properties listed on our website however at times listing available on the website may not be available for booking.


The terms and conditions are subject to change and the same will be updated here on this page.

You can download full policy from here


Have any question you can reach our support team on +91 8282828132 (10 AM to 7 PM IST) or write to us on stay@Orooms.com

Terms & Conditions

Orooms is a service offered by Aarmac Tech Space Private Limited, India. Orooms enables users to share their house requirements and find flats, flatmates, PGs, Hostels and tenants as per their preferences. The terms and conditions govern your use of Orooms and the product & Service offerings provisions on the website www.Orooms.com a service owned by Tech Space Private Limited incorporated in India and are legally binding on you. The terms and conditions also apply to all information provided on the Service including the text, information, products, links, user profiles and relevant information shown on the website www.Orooms.com. for the purpose of providing this Service. If You Do Not Agree with any of these terms, you may not access or otherwise use this service or any information contained on the service. Your use of this service shall be deemed to be your agreement to abide by each of the terms set forth below.

Orooms reserves the right to revise these Terms at any time and we shall notify you of such revisions by posting an updated version of these Terms on this website. We suggest that you frequently review these Terms & Conditions. Your continued use of the Service shall constitute your consent to such changes.




  • Your usage of Service provided by Orooms is subject to our privacy policy. The privacy policy mentions how we collect and use personal information collected by us to provide our Services to you. The policy will be updated from time to time and it is suggested that you take a note of the changes.




  • You are responsible for your use of the Service, for any information you choose to make available and for any consequences thereof. The information and content you make available, post or display will be able to be viewed by other users of the Service and through third-party partners who will work with us from time to time. You should only make the information available to provide content that you are comfortable sharing with others as governed by our terms and privacy policy. You may use the Service if you are of legal age to form a binding contract and are not barred from receiving services under the laws of India or other applicable jurisdiction. You may use the Service only in compliance with terms and conditions applicable according to the local, state, national and international laws, rules & regulations. You are also informed that Service offerings of Orooms may change from time to time without prior notice to you. Some product offerings may be added, removed, changed without information or notice. 
    The access Services of Orooms you will be provided with a password. You are responsible for safeguarding the password and account information for continued use of the Service. You agree to take sole responsibility for any activities or actions that happen due to access of your account, whether or not you have authorized such access and actions resulting for this. In case of unauthorized access, you are expected to immediately notify Orooms about same and inform us on unauthorized use of your password. Orooms cannot and will not be liable for any loss of damage arising from your failure to comply with these requirements.




  • Your use of the Service is at your risk. You acknowledge, understand and agree that Orooms provides the Service to you "As Is" and "As Available" without warranty or condition of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of availability, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, security completeness or non-infringement.

  •  We may use the information in the aggregate to understand how our Users as a group use the services and resources provided on our Site.

  •  You acknowledge, understand and agree that Orooms cannot guarantee the security of your data while it is being transmitted over the Internet and through servers that are out of our control.

  •  You must not modify, adapt or attempt for an unlawful access of Service or build any other third party Service or website that falsely represents Orooms.

  •  Verbal, physical, written or other abuse of any Orooms customer, employee, member, or officer may result in immediate account termination including legal action.

  •  You must not upload, post, or transmit unsolicited email or "spam" messages or otherwise any material that is illegal, pornographic, abusive or obscene.

  • You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Orooms, its officers, directors, employees and its agents from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, made by any third party due to or resulting from your use of the Service or your violation of these Terms of Service.

  •  You also agree that Orooms has no responsibility or liability for the deletion of, or the failure to store or to transmit, any content, any information and other communications maintained by the Service.

  • In violation of our terms, you agree to receive administrative and legal notices about the Service electronically via email or snail mail.

  • We make no warranty and disclaim all responsibility and liability for the completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Services or any content thereon.

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Registration Assistance


  •  As part of our effort to make your home search free and easy, we would be happy to connect you with 3rd party agents who facilitate leave and license registration. Orooms.in can charge for this service. Orooms.in cannot and does not guarantee the integrity and quality of the service provided by the third party. In addition, your interaction with the third party service providers including payment and any such dealings are solely between you and those businesses. In no event shall Orooms.in be liable for any damages arising out of any interaction between you and such parties.


E-mail Updates


  • As part of the Service, we may need to communicate with you via e-mail (see our Privacy Policy. to learn more about communications). You agree to receive e-mails which are specific to your account and necessary for the normal functioning of the Service, including one or more welcome e-mails which help inform new users about various features of the Service. We may also send users occasional e-mail bulletins unless such users have opted not to receive these e-mails. These e-mails may also contain neighbourhood information, tips and suggestions or any other offer provided by the third party. Orooms.in does not take any responsibility of the validity of any of these offers. You can anytime opt out of these emails by sending a mail to Orooms@gmail.com.


Neighbourhood Info


  • The Site contains Local Info using a 3rd party like Google Maps etc. Orooms.in cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of any content provided by third party. In addition, your interactions with businesses found on or through the Service, including payment and delivery of goods or services (including any food orders), and any other terms, conditions, warranties or representations associated with such dealings, are solely between you and those businesses. In no event shall Orooms.in be liable for any damages arising out of any interaction between you and such parties




  • To provision our products & services for Oroom certain products, information and content will be provisioned by us. In such events, we will make our best efforts to ensure the authentication of same; however, Orooms Web Services will not be responsible for any misinformation caused due to any error caused by human or computer. Further, we make all attempts to provide links and credits to users/websites who are rightful owners of such content. In case of any misinformation, error or mistake, you are requested to contact us and inform us about same to have it corrected.




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  • Orooms collects your house and lifestyle information along with your personally identifiable data which includes your name, contact details, email address, Facebook profile, Twitter profile, and other in process of registration for the Service and continued use of same. You agree that Orooms will own rights to this data and may use this data to provide additional Services to you or to other users. You also agree that Orooms may share this data with its partners to provide you enhanced Services.




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    Orooms respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects Users of the Services to do the same. We will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with applicable law and are properly provided to us, as described by the procedures and mentioned here in the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Orooms.




  • Orooms will not be responsible for any downtime or unavailability of the Service. Orooms reserves the right to alter, modify or discontinue the Service or any content or Service feature therein at any time without notice.




  • If you violate any of these Terms, your permission to use the Service may be suspended or revoked and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to and use of the Service at any time if you violate any of these Terms.




  • You Expressly Agree That Use Of The Website Is At Your Sole Risk.

  • The Contents, Information, Software, Products, Features And Services Published On This Website May Include Inaccuracies Or Typographical Errors. Changes Are Periodically Added To The Contents Herein. Orooms And/Or Its Respective Suppliers May Make Improvements And/Or Changes In This Website At Any Time. This Website May Be Temporarily Unavailable From Time To Time Due To Required Maintenance, Telecommunications Interruptions, Or Other Disruptions. Orooms (And Its Owners, Suppliers, Consultants, Advertisers, Affiliates, Partners, Employees Or Any Other Associated Entities, All Collectively Referred To As Associated Entities Hereafter) Shall Not Be Liable To User Or Member Or Any Third Party Should Orooms Exercise Its Right To Modify Or Discontinue Any Or All Of The Contents, Information, Software, Products, Features And Services Published On This Website.

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  • In No Event Shall Orooms And/Or Its Associated Entities Be Liable For Any Direct, Indirect, Punitive, Incidental, Special Or Consequential Damages Arising Out Of Or In Any Way Connected With The Use Of This Website Or With The Delay Or Inability To Use This Website, Or For Any Contents, Information, Software, Products, Features And Services Obtained Through This Website, Or Otherwise Arising Out Of The Use Of This Website, Whether Based On Contract, Tort, Strict Liability Or Otherwise, Even If Orooms Or Any Of Its Associated Entities Has Been Advised Of The Possibility Of Damages.




  • You Acknowledge That The Information Provided Through Orooms Is Compiled From Sources, Which Are Beyond The Control Of Orooms Though Such Information Is Recognized By The Parties To Be Generally Reliable, The Parties Acknowledge That Inaccuracies May Occur And Orooms Does Not Warrant The Accuracy Or Suitability Of The Information. For This Reason, As Well As The Possibility Of Human And Mechanical Errors And Other Factors, You Acknowledge That Orooms Is Provided To You On An "As Is, With All Faults" Basis. Orooms Expressly Disclaims Any And All Warranties, Whether Express, Oral, Implied, Statutory Or Otherwise, Of Any Kind To The Users And/Or Any Third Party, Including Any Implied Warranties Of Accuracy, Timeliness, Completeness, Merchantability And Fitness For A Particular Purpose, As Well As Any Warranties Arising By Virtue Of Custom Of Trade Or Course Of Dealing And Any Implied Warranties Of Title Or Non-Infringement.

  • You Agree That Orooms (Including Its And Their Officers, Directors, Employees, Affiliates, Group Companies Agents, Representatives Or Subcontractors) Shall Not In Any Event Be Liable For Any Special, Incidental Or Consequential Damages Arising Out Of The Use Or Inability To Use Orooms For Any Purpose Whatsoever. Orooms And It's Affiliates, Officers, Directors, Employees And Agents Shall Have No Liability In Tort, Contract, Or Otherwise To User And/Or Any Third Party.

  • You Assume All Risk Of Errors And/Or Omissions In Orooms Including The Transmission Or Translation Of Information. You Assume Full Responsibility For Implementing Sufficient Procedures And Checks To Satisfy Your Requirements For The Accuracy And Suitability Of Orooms, Including The Information, And For Maintaining Any Means, Which You May Require For The Reconstruction Of Lost Data Or Subsequent Manipulations Or Analysis Of The Information Under These Terms Of Service.




  • You Shall Indemnify, Defend And Hold Harmless (Including Its And Their Officers, Directors, Employees, Affiliates, Group Companies, Agents, Representatives Or Subcontractors) From Any And All Claims And Losses Imposed On, Incurred By Or Asserted As A Result Of Or Related To:


As A Result Of Or Related To:


  • Your Access And Use Of Orooms

  • Any Non-Compliance By User With The Terms Of Service, Privacy Policy Hereof; Or

  • Any Third Party Actions Related To Users Receipt And Use Of The Information, Whether Authorized Or Unauthorized

  • Any Clause Declared Invalid Shall Be Deemed Severable And Not Affect The Validity Or Enforceability Of The Remainder. These Terms May Be Amended In A Writing Signed By Orooms.




  • This Agreement Is Governed By The Laws Of the Republic Of India. You Hereby Irrevocably Consent To The Exclusive Jurisdiction And Venue Of Courts In Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India In All Disputes Arising Out Of Or Relating To The Use Of Orooms. Use Of Orooms Is Unauthorized In Any Jurisdiction That Does Not Give Effect To All Provisions Of These Terms And Conditions, Including Without Limitation This Paragraph. 

    You Agree To Indemnify And Hold Orooms , Its Subsidiaries, Affiliates, Officers And Employees, Harmless From Any Claim, Demand, Or Damage, Including Reasonable Attorneys' Fees, Asserted By Any Third Party Due To Or Arising Out Of Your Use Of Or Conduct On Orooms . Orooms Reserves The Right To Disclose Any Personal Information About You Or Your Use Of Orooms Services, Including Its Contents, Without Your Prior Permission If Orooms Has A Good Faith Belief That Such Action Is Necessary To: (1) Conform To Legal Requirements Or Comply With Legal Process; (2) Protect And Defend The Rights Or Property Of Orooms Or Its Affiliated Companies; (3) Enforce The Terms Or Use; Or (4) Act To Protect The Interests Of Its Members Or Others. Orooms Performance Of This Agreement Is Subject To Existing Laws And Legal Process, And Nothing Contained In This Agreement Is In Derogation Of Orooms 'S Right To Comply With Governmental, Court And Law Enforcement Requests Or Requirements Relating To Your Use Of Orooms Services Or Information Provided To Or Gathered By Orooms With Respect To Such Use. If Any Part Of This Agreement Is Determined To Be Invalid Or Unenforceable Pursuant To Applicable Law Including, But Not Limited To, The Warranty Disclaimers And Liability Limitations Set Forth Above, Then The Invalid Or Unenforceable Provision Will Be Deemed Superseded By A Valid, Enforceable Provision That Most Closely Matches The Intent Of The Original Provision And The Remainder Of The Agreement Shall Continue In Effect. Unless Otherwise Specified Herein, This Agreement Constitutes The Entire Agreement Between The User And Orooms With Respect To Orooms Services And It Supersedes All Prior Or Contemporaneous Communications And Proposals, Whether Electronic, Oral Or Written, Between The User And Orooms With Respect To Tech Space Private Limited.


  1. We depend on dynamic availability of Rooms/Beds as per regular Inventory provided by our partners. We offer On Spot Booking post you have visited a location however you should choose to book at a later date or time we may not be able to offer Exact Property/Room/Bed due to heavy demand and dynamic nature of our business. If you have paid a Token Amount and Property you have chosen is Sold Out, we will arrange for similar accommodation for you in your location preference and budget.





  • If you have any questions about this Agreement, the practices of Orooms.com, or your experience with the Service, you can e-mail us at support@Orooms.com or call us at +91 8282828132


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