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About us

Our Mission  ''A perfect place for every student''

Orooms is creating a trusted, global brand for student accommodation. We believe in making accommodation easier for students and accommodation providers. Orooms help students to find, book & move into the best student rental home of their choice. For house owners, it shows the easiest route to renting their houses and earning without any hassle. We are a "technology-driven home rental marketplace" to make students' lives better by making it simple to rent. With a tech-enabled platform and professional service, our fully furnished and ready to move in rooms are a great alternative to PGs and shared flats. Our homes are fully furnished, mattress to the bucket and everything in between. You just have to move-in carefree with just your bag of clothes, books & most important stuff (maybe a Teddy Bear or lucky pillow). We believe in empowering student mobility and we have started by making the process of finding accommodation easier. We’re solving real-life pains. n today's world, time is the most precious asset and we at Orooms understand the value of your time, hence we are here to make it quick & easy for you to find perfect student accommodation make you journey more beautiful & hassle-free. 

Why Orooms?

It's always a problem for students to find comfortable and secure hostels in all cities across India. Be it paying guests, a hostel for rent, or studio apartments, finding a place with affordable prices always remains a hassle for students. We understand & That's why we created Orooms, hence you can focus on your goal & the remaining to us. Our residences are perfectly located near top coaching and are well-equipped with everything that students might require. Our rooms are designed with an in-depth understanding of a student’s needs to get maximum efficiency and maximum performance with maximum comfort. Our hostel is included in full-services like wifi, laundry service, nutritious meals, professional housekeeping, and regular community events. All this is available at an affordable price. Orooms hostels are most preferred by students who are looking for a comfortable, convenient and secure environment to live in. Orooms has the most student-friendly rooms in the city. Our mission is simple: A perfect place for every student. Orooms isn't just about living, it's about secure and safe homes where you can socialize and study in comfort. Our objective is to improve the standards of living of students and provide a stress-free and homely environment to everyone pursuing their dreams as Studying in another city is an opportunity to live and learn and We’re here to help you achieve your dreams and get another step closer to success. Students are the dynamos of the nation and hold the power to create a better world & we owe it to them - for their future as well as our future. That's why our number one priority is delivering the best possible experience for students - at every price point.

About Community

Stop feeling lonely in a new city. A new city is fully filled with strangers and this community will bring those strangers together, forming a new community - one big happy family. Share/laugh/party/celebrate your special days and festivals not alone but with a new family. Orooms does not bring in families, but it is a family itself. It creates a desire to live. Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities.

We the Heroes

The heroes are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to help you in any situation at any time you need them. Just one call and your superhero will be there at your doorstep. ​ Why Heroes? To move into an unknown city and thrive each day to achieve your goals and find the happy place is not easy. So we the Oros family thereby bring to you the Heroes a call away and your superhero will be there. ​ Get in touch They are just "one call away". Instantly get in touch with your hero on +91 8282828132 or raise a complaint on the app. ​

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