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  • How can I reach doctors in case of emergency?
    In case of emergency, you can inform the hostel warden regarding the medical issue and they will take of it from there onwards.
  • Will the staff accompany us to the hospital?
    Yes, the warden will accompany you to the hospital.
  • Who bears the medical charges in case of Emergency?
    In case of an emergency, our in-house team will take care of the medical charges for that particular time, and later on dues are needed to be paid at the Orooms office.
  • Is it possible to call the doctor in the hostel in case of an emergency?
    Yes, It is possible to call the doctor in the hostel in case of emergency.
  • Do the hostels have a first aid kit readily available 24x7?
    Yes, All of our hostels have First-Aid kits available 24x7.
  • How can I pay my monthly rent?
    There are three payment options for a user: Cash or bank transfer or UPI Payment. You can take the account details on our Whatsapp number 8282828132.
  • How do I book a room at Orooms?
    To book with us, you can simply visit our website select your desired property and book online. For booking offline, you can visit our properties and book the one that suits your requirements.
  • Can I book a room without visiting?
    Yes, you can book without visiting our website. You can even take a live video tour to be sure of what are you signing for and book your desired property.
  • How can I see the room without visiting?
    You can see the rooms on our website or even get in touch with us on our helpline number 8282828132 and our executive will share the pictures and videos of relevant properties to you.
  • Is the token amount refundable or non-refundable?
    Yes, the token amount is refundable.
  • What is the token amount for booking?
    The token amount to book a property at Orooms is only 999.
  • Do I need to pay a security deposit?
    Yes, Its mandatory to pay the security deposit.
  • Why do I need to pay a security deposit?
    This money is charged solely for security assurance purposes so that the residents do not damage/spoil the property.
  • Is the Security deposit refundable?
    Your deposit will be refunded when you leave the room permanently after serving the notice period of 30 days or it could be adjusted in your last month's rent payment. Please note that the refund will be processed to the account details mentioned in the KYC details within 30 days of your exit.
  • Under what conditions, Will my security deposit will not be refunded?
    A resident’s deposit money is generally refunded if they serve the notice period of thirty days. However, under the following circumstances, they are required to pay the deposit:- If she/he vacates the room without paying his/her rent and, If some sort of harm is done to the Orooms property. In case of misbehavior with Orooms staff or management, the security deposit will be deducted to some extent.
  • Can I pick my preferred room when making a reservation?
    Yes absolutely, While you’re in the process of booking a stay at our hostel , just reach out to our people to share your preferred room. If it's possible we’ll make sure it's assigned to you.
  • What is pre-booking?
    You can pre-book a room if you seem to like (we mean, REALLY like) one of our hostel rooms and it's filling up quickly. To do so, simply pay a little fee (which is totally refundable) and we'll hold a bed for you. However, please keep in mind that the token value will only be refunded once your reservation is confirmed. Or, if we are unable to provide you with the accommodations of your choice.
  • What happens when I pre-book a room?
    If you've mentioned a preference for a room, we'll do our best to allocate it to you. But here's the thing: during the accommodation season, Orooms beds fill up quickly. As a result, room allotment is purely based on availability. However, if your room is not available at the time of booking confirmation, we will notify you before proceeding.
  • Is it possible to reserve a room without booking it right away?
    Yes, your bed can be reserved for only1,000. And if you change your mind later, just let us know and we'll give you a complete refund.
  • Can I contact someone in case of more queries regarding the booking?
    Of course, You can reach us at either or at 8282828132. There will always be someone to assist you. We are 24X7 available, both online and offline, and you can ping us on Whatsapp on the same number whenever/wherever you get stuck.
  • Are there any sharing rooms available?
    We have twin sharing rooms available.
  • What if I don't like the hostel?
    If you don’t like the hostel you can contact the authorities and we will make sure you get a comfortable room according to your choice if properties are available .
  • Can I schedule multiple properties?
    Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority therefore you’re absolutely allowed to schedule visits to multiple property.
  • Are there any charges on scheduling the visits?
    We don't charge for client satisfaction at Orooms, therefore we're here to deliver our top-notch services to our satisfied consumers. You can schedule as many visits as you want with Orooms Properties, and we will make sure we don’t charge you for that.
  • Are parents allowed to stay with the students, while they visit?
    No, they are not allowed to stay with the students in their rooms.
  • Are there any additional charges for parents’ stay?
    Yes, on informing us beforehand, we can provide accommodation to parents on a chargeable basis.
  • Is the food and other services included with their stay?
    Yes, we provide food and all other services to parents while their stay with us.
  • How do I refer a friend to Orooms?
    You can share the details of your friend you want to refer, with us and our team will coordinate.
  • What rewards will I get?
    For each new referral who confirms their reservation at one of our Orooms properties, you can earn Rs. 2000.
  • Will my friend also get a reward?
    Yes, your friend also gets a discount of Rs.2000 on his first-month rent.
  • How many people can I refer?
    You can refer to as many friends as you want. The amount of referrals from which you can earn money is not limited. As a result, we encourage you to continue assisting your friends - as well as yourself.
  • What is the number of meals you provide at Orooms hostels?
    We provide meals, 4 times a day (Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks & Dinner)
  • What will be the meal timings?
    Breakfast : 06:00 AM - 07:30 AM Lunch : 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Evening Snack : 05:30 PM - 06:30 PM Dinner : 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM Post Dinner(Milk) : 09:30 PM - 10.00 AM
  • What do you serve for Breakfast?
    Breakfast is the first meal of the day, so we offer the best, most nutritious & healthy meals. Paratha, Bread Cutlet, Fruits, Corn Flakes, Bread Butter Jam, Teal / Milk Coffee
  • What do you serve for Lunch?
    Dal and Chapati, Mix Veg., Matar Paneer Gravy, Steam Rice, Pickle & Salad, Curd.
  • What do you serve for Evening Snacks?
    Noodles / Samosa / Pasta / Bhelpuri, Rusk / Biscuit, Tea / Coffee / Juice
  • What do you serve for dinner?
    Paneer, Dal and Chapati, Steam rice, Pickle and Salad, Curd / Soup
  • How many days in a week do you serve?
    We serve special six times a week.
  • Where is food served in Orooms Hostel?
    The food is served in the dining area.
  • Do you also serve Non-Veg?
    No, we don’t serve Non-Veg
  • What happens if we miss the meal?
    If you miss the meal, you can inform us and we’ll keep the food for you.
  • Do you provide South Indian food?
    Yes, we do serve South Indian food.
  • What's the quality of food you provide?
    The food served at Orooms has - High-Quality Ingredients We carefully source our ingredients to ensure that they are of the best quality - Best in Class Hygiene Regular audits are constantly done to check the quality of food prepared by professional chefs. - Fresh and Hot We serve it only if it is hot! All our meals are freshly prepared and are consumed within 4 hours of being cooked
  • Can I cook food in Orooms hostel?
    Yes, we have induction cooktops on every floor that can be used to cook. Students can even keep their personal kettles that can be used to make Maggi or tea.
  • Can you provide me with tiffin in case I have an early morning class?
    Yes! We can get your meal packed in a tiffin provided by you.
  • Is my meal included in the rent?
    Yes, all four meals of the day are included in the rent.
  • In case I’m unwell, What will you serve?
    On special request, we can serve light food like Khichdi and Dalia.
  • Can I take food to my room?
    Students are requested to consume their meals in the common dining area only. But if there is any medical/ special situation when students cannot come to the dining area, they can take it to their room. In such cases, students are requested to return the utensils timely back to the kitchen.
  • Do you also provide fruits?
    Yes, we do serve fruits. We take care of our students and their well-being. Fruits are very important to run through the day for students in their hectic schedules. Their health is our priority.
  • Is R.O. Water served at Orooms Hostel?
    Yes, all our hostels serve R.O filtered water.
  • Does Orooms hostel serve food to my parents?
    Yes, parents are served meals at Orooms. This has to be informed in advance to the kitchen department/ warden. The parent’s meals are chargeable.
  • If I don’t eat food, do I get exempted from paying?
    No, the food is included in the rent with many other amenities and services provided by Orooms.
  • Do you have Biometric Check System at Orooms Hostel?
    Yes, we do have Biometric Check System in our properties to keep safe track of students throughout the day.
  • Is there CCTV Surveillance at Orooms Hostel?
    yes, all Orooms properties have 24x7 CCTV surveillance for the safety and security of the residents.
  • What are the hostel in-out timings at Orooms hostel?
    Students are allowed to step out of the hostel from Morning 6 AM. Students can last enter the hostel at 8 PM for girls and 9 PM for boys. Meanwhile, they are requested to make entries every time they go out and come in.
  • Is there Security staff at Orooms Hostel?
    Yes, Orooms has wardens and security guards at all properties to take care of the students throughout the day. Girls hostels have a female warden available for students for 24x7.
  • How safe are Orooms for girls?
    Orooms properties have a Biometric Check System for keeping a constant track of the students coming in and leaving the hostels. There is 24x7 CCTV surveillance, wardens, and security guards to look after the students. The warden checks all the rooms and maintains proper attendance of all the residents at the day's end.
  • Are visitors allowed at Orooms Hostel?
    Yes, they are. But they are only allowed to meet in the visitor’s lobby. They won’t be allowed to go to the room.
  • What are the timings and limitations for visitors at Orooms Hostel?
    Visitors are allowed from 8 AM to 8 PM in hostels. If Parents or Guardians are coming, they are allowed in rooms, everybody else is only allowed to meet in the visitor's lobby. All the Visitors need to make entries before meeting the student.
  • Is Power backup available at Orooms hostel?
    Yes, 24*7 power backup is a common facility at all the Orooms properties.
  • Is there a female warden available at Orooms hostel?
    Yes, in each and every Orooms girl’s hostel, a warden is available 24*7.
  • Is there regular attendance at Orooms?
    Yes, every day at 10:30 PM. The warden personally goes to every room for attendance and maintains the entire track.
  • Are students allowed to go out for night stays?
    Night stays are only allowed after getting a confirmation from the parents.
  • Do you confirm from parents for leave from the hostel?
    Yes, we take a confirmation telephonically from the parents before giving leave from the hostel for both boys and girls.
  • What all amenities and services are included in the rent?
    The rent includes all the meals of the day (breakfast, lunch, evening snack & dinner), professional laundry (washing & ironing) housekeeping, 24*7 power backup, high-speed Wi-Fi, Biometric Check System, Parking Facility, R.O filtered water.
  • How often are rooms/ washrooms/ common areas cleaned?
    The rooms and washrooms are cleaned on a regular basis i.e once a day, the common area is cleaned twice a day.
  • Is ironing included with laundry?
    Yes, ironing is included with laundry.
  • Is there any time limitation for using recreational areas?
    Recreational areas will be open from 5:00 Pm to 9:00pm everyday.
  • Is Wi-Fi available 24*7?
    Yes, Wi-Fi is available 24*7 in all hostels
  • Is there a parking facility available?
    Yes, there is a parking facility available in all hostels.
  • If I don’t use the amenities, will I be exempted from charges or availing discounts on my monthly rent?
    No, our amenities are all included in the rent.
  • Will I get charged for repair and maintenance services?
    All repairs and replacements will be handled by our in-house team, and you will not be charged. However, if we discover any signs of intentional damage to our property, you will be responsible for the restoration expenses.
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