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Terms & Policies

👥 General Policies 

  • Orooms is completely BROKERAGE FREE for our Tenants. We do not charge any Convenience Fee or Assistance Fee.

  • All the amenities displayed on Orooms digital platform are generic to the respective property, and may not be applicable against your allotted bed/room. Please speak to Orooms Care for further details.

  • In addition to the above point, Orooms encourages our users to intimate Orooms Care immediately if they encounter any intention of fraud, misconduct by anyone, things to improve, or any other feedback. We value your feedback. We believe in customers first. We only make you understand the limitations of the role of Orooms and at the same time Orooms takes severe action on any fraud or misconduct which comes to our notice. Orooms allotted a special task force to ascertain the facts of such complaints and the process during ascertaining will be as per company guidelines. Our motto is to help our users facing such cases, but please ensure timely reporting to Customer Care.

  Orooms Care Contact 8282828132. Pleased to Assist.

  • Property booking value shown on Orooms website/App doesn’t include any charges such as Security deposit or property-specific charges. Please speak to Orooms customer care to know such specific details.

  • In partner property, the security deposit /refunds, etc. are according to the agreement between the owners and the Tenants and Orooms has no role whatsoever in fulfilling the liability of any of the parties.

  • We shall not be responsible for any theft or accidental damage to your valuables in case of an untoward incident.

  • The Tenant has to pay for damages, in actuality, in case there’s some damage to the property or its belongings.

  • We maintain a large pool of updated Properties listed on our website however at times listings available on the website may not be available for booking.

  • As we continue to strive to improve our services, Orooms may reach out to Tenants to get feedback on their experience through calls or messages.

🧑🏻‍🎓 Tenant Policies 

  • Tenants must present valid photo identification at the time of move-in. According to government regulations, a valid Photo ID has to be carried by every person staying at the property. The identification proofs accepted are a Driving Licence, Voter ID Card, Photo PAN card, Aadhar card, and Passport. Without a valid ID, the Tenant will not be allowed to move in.

  • It's the Tenant’s responsibility to know and be well versed and understand all the specific terms and conditions of the property where he/she avails the services. Orooms doesn’t cover all such information on their website / App. Hence, Orooms reiterates that it's the Tenant’s sole responsibility for the same.

  • Should any action by a Tenant be deemed inappropriate by the owner, or if any inappropriate behaviour is brought to the attention of the owner, the owner reserves the right, after the allegations have been investigated, to take action against the Tenant. Tenants should make a note that Orooms shall not be responsible and shall not be required to intervene or resolve any dispute or disagreement between Tenant and owner. In no event shall Orooms be involved in a party dispute between Tenant(s) and the owner(s).

  • Certain locations and respective properties may have different policies for specific times during the year. Tenant to make note of it.

  • Tenants shall be liable for any damage to Property assets. Tenants shall keep the Property (accommodation provided or any other facilities) in a good condition and maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

  • If you are in a partner property, Orooms does not provide a Rent Receipt. You have to collect the same from your Landlord. We provide a one-time payment receipt for the amount collected for facilitating your move-in; this does not automatically constitute a Landlord-Tenant relationship.

  • The Tenant needs to pay the rent in advance, on or before the 5th of every month.

  • If staying at an Orooms partner property Your Landlord (if staying at a partner property) is responsible to refund your security deposit. Or it depends upon the agreement between the Tenant & Owner.

  • The Owner-Tenant shall be held responsible for the conduct of his/her Tenants on the premises & its consequences thereafter. Any financial losses incurred shall be borne by the Owner and the Tenant.

  • Some properties may deny entry of visitors to rooms. Please confirm with the Owner or property staff before inviting visitors into the rooms.

  • Visitors of the opposite gender are not allowed unless approved by roommates and the society office and Hostel Owner. It’s advised that the Tenant seeks his/her owner's approval before raising such requests so that it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to them. In case the approval is not obtained, the Tenant is expected not to host any Tenants.

  • No Tenants are allowed to stay overnight without informing the owner, guardian, roommates, and parents.

  • Pets are only allowed in the properties that show up on the search once you select the "Pet-Friendly" filter on the website.

  • Orooms will not be liable for the upkeep of the pet or in the event any damage/ harm is caused to any person. Also, the owner of the pet will be liable to pay the cost of any damage caused to the property due to their pet.

  • Internal issues/ fights among the Tenants are better resolved among roommates. Involvement of Orooms is not beneficial and hence undesirable.

  • In the event, the Tenant breaks any rules. Orooms & Owner reserves the right to issue appropriate notices including but not limited to Eviction notices to the Tenant or charge a penalty amount of 2500 INR or more at its sole discretion.

  • The Tenant shall be responsible for his/her belongings in the Scheduled Premise and neither the owner nor its vendors shall not be held liable/ responsible for the same.

  • In the case of theft/loss and damage of any furnishing or appliance or furniture in the room, Tenants staying at the scheduled premises at that point of time shall be held responsible.

  • A reasonable sum shall be deducted from the security deposit of Tenants towards compensation of the loss/theft and damage of property, or an amount as mentioned by the owner. In case the recovery amount exceeds the security deposit, the Tenants shall be liable to pay the amount.

  • For general maintenance & showing the property to other Tenants, Orooms employees or its affiliate agents may keep a copy of the keys of your accommodation. We advise you to keep your valuables locked inside the cupboards & never leave them unattended in open places.

🗓 Booking & Payment Policies

  • Confirmation of the exact bed is subject to availability. Orooms will share options based on preference and availability before move-in.

  • Your booking is confirmed in our system once the token amount is paid for the booking. Once confirmed, you won’t be able to cancel the booking.

  • A representative from Orooms will reach out to you to confirm the booking within 72 hours of payment.

  • Orooms influence the Owner to keep the actual images of the property with a few sample room/bed images, and actual rent details and also ensure his/her team behaves well with tenants in any instance. In any case, it is impossible to explain each and every element of the property and give in-depth details of amenities provided and notify the behaviour of each and every person from the Owner team on a digital platform. Even at verified properties, we are trying our best in putting up the property as a verified listing with as many details which helps our users to look at, visualise, and make decisions about staying. We also reiterate that as per the current cancellation policy, the user/Tenant cannot cancel the booking from the Move-in date onwards and no refund will be entertained in this case.

  • We depend on the dynamic availability of Rooms/Beds as per regular Inventory provided by our partners. We offer On-Spot Booking after you have visited a location; however if you should choose to book at a later date or time, We may not be able to offer the exact Property/Room/Bed due to heavy demand and the dynamic nature of our business. If you have paid a Token Amount and the Property you have chosen is Sold Out, we will arrange for similar accommodation for you in your location preference and budget.

  • Tenants may be contacted closer to their move-in date to confirm the arrival status or arrival time through calls or messages. In case, we do not receive a response from the tenant after 5 attempts, the booking may be put on hold or cancelled. In case of availability, Orooms will try to reinstate your booking when you contact us back.

  • In case you do not show up at the hostel, no refund is applicable on the booking.

  • Please ensure that the room booked online is in the name of the occupant as the rental agreement will be made in the same name and cannot be altered.

  • Payment of booking charges means the customer has confirmed his stay with us on the said date of joining and it is assumed that the person will be allocated a bed at the time of joining.

  • Orooms collects the booking deposit on behalf of the Owner/Landlord.

  • Customer Care support for Booking-related queries: It's mandatory to call from the registered mobile number or the Tenant's primary contact number to speak to the Orooms Care executive for queries related to your Booking.

  • How to Cancel - You can cancel your booking using our website/app. You can also email us at to cancel your booking. The applicable refund amount will be credited to you within 14 working days.

💰 Token & Payment Terms

  • How much do you need to pay to book your Orooms stay?

    • A payment of 50% of the first month’s rent, that’s all. This token amount is, unfortunately, non-refundable.

  • As part of the promotional offer, you can start your reservation process by paying only INR.1000 and complete your booking upon a total payment of 50% of the first month’s rent, non-refundable. Our team will be in touch to assist you throughout.

  • Paying your token is easy-peasy at Orooms. You can choose to pay online through the Website via Paytm, UPI, Net Banking, or Debit/Credit Cards. To help you pay your rent with a tap of the phone, we’ll send out an email of the payment receipt. 

💳 Refund On Cancellation

Cancellation Before Move-in

  • We put in a lot of time and effort in preparing your room and very much look forward to welcoming you. We’ll be heartbroken if you decide not to move in, but your rent and security deposit will be refunded. Token money amount, however, is non-refundable.

Cancellation On Move-in

  • On the date of check-in, In case you decide to cancel a booking after scheduled check-in time or do not show up at the hostel, the complete booking amount shall be deducted as cancellation/no show. In this case, your booking gets auto-cancelled at 23:59 hrs on the Move-in date.

Cancellation After Move-in

  • After move-in, the agreement is between the owners and the Tenants and Orooms has no role whatsoever in fulfilling the liability of any of the parties.

Cancellation In Other Conditions

  • Owner Rejected (Not Approved) Booking - The tenant gets a 100% refund of the booking value. 

  • Booking Cancelled or Rejected due to Technical Issues - The Tenant gets a 100% refund of the booking value.

  • If in a rare chance we cancel the booking of your room we would refund the Token amount online within 7-14 working days.

Refund On Token Money

  • We don't like to keep any secrets from you. Token money is the amount paid by you to Orooms to show your commitment to moving into the Orooms partner hostel. Orooms accept a minimum token amount of 50% of the first month's rent. The token amount is nonrefundable.

  • The token amount is not refundable at any point in time. If the tenant cancels the booking before moving in, then the token will be forfeited entirely.

Refund Mode

  • All refunds shall be processed through online transfer. 

📝 Modification or Termination

  • Orooms shall have the right to modify, edit, alter and or change the terms and conditions including but not limited to payment terms published on this platform along with the information and or contents thereof, without prior intimation and you agree to be abide by such modified terms and conditions by using the Platform.

  • The terms and conditions are subject to change and the same will be updated here on this page. You can download the full policies. If you have any questions you can reach our support team on +91 8282828132 (10 AM to 7 PM IST) or write to us at

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