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Orooms Safety

100% precautional safety. Your health is our responsibility.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic student’s health and safety has been a matter of importance, we have put all our efforts to increase the safety and hygiene in our quality of service. We work towards pushing the boundaries and paying utmost importance to the student’s health & safety needs. We have actively taken necessary measures at our hostels and promoted the importance of a safe and hygienic environment for our students and staff members.

Students Safety

Measures we are taking to keep our residents and visitors safe

Health monitoring at the entrance

Before entering the hostel premises, for every student and staff, there is a mandatory check for symptoms to ensure safe hostel environment.

Training As per WHO norms

Our ground team members have been well trained with all the norms and regulations released by WHO. 100% safe and secure pick-up and drop service for students and their guardians. 

Sanitisers Placed at Multiple Areas

We have placed hand sanitisers at multiple areas within our hostel premises to ensure the safety of the everyone present inside the hostel.

Sanitised & No-Touch Dining Facility

Our hostel mess staff has been expertly trained in safe ways of handling food, sanitising kitchen area and kitchenware, regular washing of hands and the dining area to provide safe and nourishing food to students.

Mandatory PPE & Safety Equipment

Our hostel service team are equipped with PPE, masks and gloves to ensure student’s safety. Any person without mask will not be allowed.
Strict Regulation of Social Distancing

All our teams have been well trained with regards to the safety equipment and newly reformed precautionary steps with complete social distancing. 

Regular Health Audits

Our properties are regularly checked with the health of the staff as well as students. Anyone with symptoms would be facilitate with the health organisations as soon as possible.

Everyday Residence Sanitisation

The whole hostel inner/outer premises are being sanitised twice a day not only this but we also keep a check on students full room sanitisation on daily bases to ensure safety and hygiene.

Contact Us

We strive constantly to improve the safety standards for a safe student stay and are working
relentlessly to keep our properties safe for students. Orooms is implementing all processes as per
the guidelines issued by the WHO for your safe stay.

For any safety related concern contact

our 24/7 support +91 8282828232

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