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10 things to keep in mind before looking for hostels in Kota

Hunting for the hostels in Kota and finding the best one is no less than a hustle. Here is a checklist of 10 important things that can't be missed out before looking for a hostel in Kota to make sure of a peaceful and safe stay.

1- COVID 19 safety precautions

We all have gone through a lot with the COVID 19 pandemic since the year 2020. The fear continues and that's why it is really important to check for necessary COVID safety related precautions and safety measures while moving to a hostel beforehand. Parents and students must be sure of a safe stay in the hostel.

2- Security

One of the top priorities while moving to a hostel in a new city is the security and safety of the students. It always remains to be the biggest concern for parents as well as the students. Before picking the hostel, the safety and security measures and details of the caretaker must not be ignored. The security staff should be well equipped and the hostel must have necessary tech equipment so there is no loophole in case of any mishappening.

3- Distance from the institute

Students in Kota have hectic schedules with too much on their plates with all the classes, tests, assignments, and self-study. Another significant factor that must be taken care of is the distance of the institute from the hostel. Finding a hostel nearby to the institute saves time as well as transportation costs.

4- No. of meals in the hostel

Parents are mostly worried about the meals provided by the hostels. The number of meals provided by the hostel per day must be checked before confirming the stay. In good hostels, students are provided at least four meals a day including breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, and dinner. Apart from that, some hostels do provide the milk in the mornings as well as at the night. A proper diet is very important for students to run through the long days at coaching and studies.

5- Quality of the food

One thing that cannot and must not be compromised is the quality of food. Only providing the meals is not enough if it is not planned properly taking care of the important nutrition and if it is not well cooked using the right quality of ingredients. Bad quality food can lead to students falling sick and students tend to skip meals when they're not satisfied with what's provided to them in the hostels.

6- Type of the room

The type of room depends on the student as well as the budget of the parents. Hostels in Kota have multiple options like a single room, sharing room, room with a balcony, etc. Students can choose the rooms that match their living standards and suit their budgets.

7- Ventilation in the rooms

The room and the common areas in the hostels should have proper ventilation to make it a good accommodation option. The natural light and air are so important and thus, windows, balconies, and ventilation must be given proper attention while selecting the hostel.

8- Discipline in the hostel

Hostel discipline is a very important factor that parents can't miss. The in and out times and staying guidelines must be discussed with the caretaker in the hostel. The hostel should not be too strict as well as too lenient so students stay comfortable yet in the discipline.

9- Accessibility to basic needs

Basic needs like stationery, confectionery, medical store, etc should be near to the hostel. These are the things that hostel students might need on daily basis at any hour on the clock. For students, it's not always a convenient option to spend time going to the market far from their hostel area for everyday needs.

10- Emergency needs

The hostel must be equipped with emergency needs like medicines, a first aid kit, and 24x7 help if needed. Emergencies can never be predicted but the best we can do is to stay prepared. Students might not always keep the medicines or first aid kit or any other emergency equipment handy with them. Hostel caretakers must be responsible enough to be prepared to handle emergencies at their best.

To find the above-mentioned qualities altogether in one hostel is certainly not easy. Over the years, hostels in Kota have dropped the bar of living standards and most owners leave it to their managers to run the hostel that eventually lacks the personal touch with students. Very rare hostels in Kota are still maintaining the balance between professionalism and personal involvement. One such option is Orooms, in landmark city Kota. It has proved to be one of the best hostels in Kota consistently.


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