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5 tips to crack NEET 2022

Set a realistic timetable and follow it

NEET exams are around the corner. Be mindful of what's on your plate and get done with it one by one. Make a realistic timetable and scatter all the topics in such a way as to spare yourself some time to take mock tests and revise. Time table must be set with achievable goals and realistic deadlines and do not take your own decided deadlines lightly.

Swear by NCERT

You must be having enough and beyond study material. But the most important study material for NEET remains the NCERT so swear by it. It is always a smart idea to reach out to other sources for study material but nothing has proven to outsmart NCERT when it comes to NEET. Even when you check the question papers from the last few years, you'd be able to find for yourself that making NCERT your best friend is probably a great idea.

Get your doubts clarified

Do yourself a favor and do not cling to your doubts. It is obvious to get questions and it is totally okay to not understand everything to the core but what's not okay is to stick to that one question or doubt and waste time. Rather acting on it quickly is a smarter way. Get answers to your questions, ask your friends, ask your teachers, ask your seniors and get all doubts clarified. Clinging to your doubts will only waste your time so play smart with it.

Take mock tests and do the revision

It might not sound that important but it is most certainly an important thing to get the feeler of the exam before the actual exam. It gives you an idea of the kind of questions you get and it's better to practice so you get an understanding of how you should manage your time in the actual exam. Practice with the mock test to gauge the current position and where you need to work more. Spare yourself some time to revise all that you've prepared. Brushing up the syllabus is extremely significant and you must not skip it at all.

Take breaks and stay calm

It is understandable that the pressure within your mind must be immeasurable. The syllabus must take forever to end and you keep getting panic attacks. It is absolutely normal. All you can do is to put your best into the preparation. But that doesn't mean that you can allow it to get in your head that it becomes unhealthy. Remember to take breaks and treat yourself every time you achieve your targets and deadlines you had decided in the timetable. Take some time out every day to do your favorite activity for a while be it a sport or art. That will refresh your mind and give it a breather to perform better.

We at Orooms have recreational areas and libraries in all our hostels so students can take a break and engage in some interesting activities like indoor games to feel charged as the coaching and studies drain them out. We even have our club called Orooms Social Club where we conduct inspirational and educational sessions for students and many other interactive activities. We focus and try to help students with their goals and try to make the process of preparation for NEET 2022 as efficient as possible.
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