• Rishabh Jain


Reasons why hostel life is one of the best experiences ever!

This life brings the real you and gives you extremely valuable memories for life. While some of the reasons brings out the most terrible results but however most of them are immense and priceless.

Connections to remember

Friends who eat together, stay together. Isn’t it? You eventually don’t care about the cleanliness of the hostel or the internet anymore because here you find all sorts of amazing people who not only teach you the unending list of funny, fundamental lessons but also doesn’t let you feel homesick. And yes, some connections made here are really worth a lifetime.


They are endless. You are allowed to go about exploring numerous fields that you have never set out before, and the most important part is that this is even more exciting amongst new people in new places. You get to take up numerous doors that you can’t take being at home.

What’s right what's wrong

Being with new people at new places is altogether a great experience but it also helps to enhance our inner self. One thing you’ll find in every hostel you stay is free advice. By staying together, you always find a friend who’s willing to help you whether they are some weird questions or a damn confusing life. And whereas some situations you face here are quite self-explanatory.


So, this is one of the most important things we do not get being at home. In a hostel, you are accountable for almost everything from getting up in the morning, to having meals, washing clothes and what not. Hostel life gives us the flexibility to fly in the open and seek things you couldn’t pursue when at home.

Value of time and money

This is also one of the best reasons to live a hostel life. You tend to learn a lot by just managing your time as it is the key to gain anything in life. Whether you excel at any other thing or not, managing time is sure a shot. From the gossip sessions and all other activities, you are required to do at your hostel, you eventually learn to take some time to study. Having said this, you also have to value your money because money is something that is quite limited while living in a hostel, and yet you have so much to spend it on. So, from spending it on actually saving it for some pies it is so much fun.


The hostel life gives us a very different yet remarkable exposure from making new friends to adjusting into a whole new environment, doing things on your own or taking initiatives. This whole new freedom is altogether a different exposure, and yet the feeling of distress, frustration, and heartbreaks add salt to this curry of life.

Importance of family and your home

There is always a hurry and excitement to go back to your place at any festival or an occasion. In this blog this being the last thing said right now is yet one of the most important things you seek living away from home in a hostel. The people you take for granted or the meals you miss at your home just because they weren’t tasty are now being missed. And hence when you go back you really love to cherish every moment at home with your family and loved ones.

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