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7 things to do that make your stay in Kota feel like “Home away from Home”

Find the right accommodation:

Hostels in Kota are known among students for being an inexpensive and entertaining place where you can meet great new people and concentrate better on your studies. We have found that choosing the right hostel can make or break your experience in a new city and searching for hostels can sometimes become very overwhelming. You need to find the perfect accommodation in Kota, in a locality which is the right fit for you, which is budget-friendly, and in close proximity to your institute, also the hostel should provide you with comfortable beds and great ventilation. Although finding a hostel that fulfills all these demands is nearly impossible and that’s why you start missing home!

At Orooms we genuinely list those hostels which are not only near to your coaching institutes but also provide you with great amenities to make your stay over-the-top comfortable. The horror of not being able to find yourself a hostel that fits all your demands won't trouble you anymore with Orooms at your sheer service, your worries are ours and what we do is all for you.

If only food wasn’t this big a problem:

The food you eat plays a vital role in your life especially when you’re preparing for a major exam. You really need to concentrate well and that concentration comes with healthy and satisfying food which makes you feel like you're having a “home-cooked meal'' with every bite you eat. Little did you know that the new city has a cuisine of its own that’s and that you'll have a hard time to get that in accordance to your taste buds. And then arises a long series of problems due to the hostel mess food in Kota. Your entire life starts revolving around what to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, that’d be filling and satisfying at the same time. So always remember to find a Hostel in Kota that is a 10 on 10 with food quality and taste. When it comes to food, Orooms has a well-designed cuisine menu in their hostels. We promise you healthy, nutritious, and the tastiest meals of all time, no less than what your Mom must be making so, why not check them out!

Search for some cool places to hangout:

The beautiful thing about hostels is that you’ll be amongst students like you who are also looking for things to do and places to explore. Chat with them in the common area or in your dorm room. It’s a sure-fire way to find new friends and gather insider tips from people who’ve been in your shoes. So strike up a convo, rent a bike or even go walking and go out and meet The City of Kota! Next thing you know, you’ll be sharing all of your tips with the new person you meet at your next hostel. Orooms Social Club is one of the best places to chill, have fun and hang out with your pals while you also find new friends, they also organize amazing trips and tours for their community and we think you should really check that out!

Explore new people:

Explore your contacts and see if you have any friends, acquaintances, or friends of friends living in the new city. Once you give them a chance, you will realize that breaking the ice is a lot easier than it seems. Get in touch with friends of friends and you’ll be bonding with them in no time over the mutual friend and the memories you have with them. Be open to meeting new people as well. Seek out people you can easily form a connection with and make an effort to get to know them better. These friendships might go a long way in an unknown city while they can always be a help when you prepare for your goals as you never know the potential of the millennials of this generation. To make things easier for you, Orooms organizes amazing weekly meet-ups and workshops so that you meet and discover people of your age coming from diverse backgrounds for almost similar goals like you and you make memories in the new city like no one else.

Display items around the room that remind you of your home:

One easy way to feel comfortable at your new hostel is to display items that remind you of your home. Keep framed photographs of your loved ones, rugs that resemble the coziness of your home, arrange a corner in your room that reminds you of the one that your parents sit in, or throw in some vibrant cushions and curtains to give it a homely vibe. These small things will make you feel right at home and they call out to your subconscious self. You can also get some intimate stuff from your house and arrange them in a similar order in your room so that you always feel alike and. A person tends to concentrate better without feeling homesick at all. You can also rely on Orooms as they have come up with super comfy and budget-friendly rooms that always create a “home away from home” vibe for you when you drop in.

Get in touch with the new city culture:

Something that I would highly suggest you to do to feel comfortable in Kota, is that you should go around and get involved in the culture that the city has to offer. Take out some time and visit major attractions in the city such as museums, lakes, famous architecture and understand the history of the place. Don’t forget to check out the art and theatre scene in the city. Try famous street food and gorge on the local delicacies. Go on a shopping spree and buy things that are original to the place. Absorbing the history, art, and culture of Kota will give you an insight into the city and a genuine chance for the city to make you feel at home. Kota has a lot to offer while Orooms makes sure you come through everything that you can and visit every cultural or attractive place with your favorite people around. The city tours they come up with are just so mesmerizing and adventurous that I would never expect you to miss.

Always be self-motivated:

Last but not the least, No matter how savvy you are about settling into a Hostel in Kota, it always takes time. While you prepare for your major examinations in the new city, due to the competition and the strong desire to reach your goals sometimes, it can be a little heavy and cause demotivation. You will experience moments of loneliness and dislocation. Don't beat yourself up if you're not 100 percent comfortable quickly after arrival. There is nothing wrong with you. It will get better. What matters the most is how focused and motivated you are the whole time. Orooms can be the best place to feel lively yet motivated and they make sure that they make your stay comfortable and home-like in all areas.


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