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7 quick tips to be productive for a better life

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Everyone's day starts with loads of work or a flooding to-do list. There's always too much to do but we tend to catch some and lose out on some. Even after putting all that effort, when the results aren't superlative, we're left with one question, how do I be more productive?

Let us help you out. Here are the practices and methods that you can start working upon immediately to ace the productivity bar.

1- Make the best use of mornings

Mornings are the best time of the day. Waking up early and having a good morning routine most certainly boosts productivity. In order to make the best use of the mornings, plan the high-priority tasks for the morning hours and begin the day by checking them off. This helps in dividing other tasks throughout the day with enough breaks.

2- Don't multitask and break tasks into pieces

Every task is a process in itself. When too many tasks are taken up at the same time in the name of multi-tasking, the efficiency is compromised. It's always better to take up the tasks one by one to make sure that the results are efficient and no time is wasted. Breaking the tasks into small pieces turns out to be very helpful and is a great way to be productive.

3- List down tasks based on priority

While having too many tasks, it is really important to understand the priority of each one. The best way that save enough time and energy is to make a list of the tasks based on their priority. So there's no chance of losing out the urgent things and a balance is maintained.

4- Don't over plan and work on actions

One of the most inefficient things everyone ends up doing is overplanning. Planning is definitely an important part. But too much planning only wastes time. To increase productivity, planning should only be given limited time and actions must be the area of focus. Plans without actions are a waste of time effort and energy.

5- Take breaks and don't overwhelm yourself

Taking breaks doesn't always mean wasting time. Working or studying redundantly ends up blocking the mind processing. Taking small breaks is significant to give the mind a breather to process better. Being overwhelmed while working drops down productivity.

6- Unplug Social Media

The easiest thing is to know the distractions and at the same time, the most difficult thing is to stay away from them. Social Media these days top the list of many distractions on the daily basis. It is extremely important to maintain the balance and use social media optimally.

Consuming right content on social media is another important factor that must not be ignored. We at Orooms Instagram and other social platforms make sure that we publish equal doses of entertainment and motivation for our audience.

7- Use apps that help you keep a track

Many apps help in keeping the track of tasks on the go. They send reminders for tasks and also help in automating the daily tasks. Some of these apps are:

* Todoist - It helps in maintaining a to-do list for the tasks to keep it all organized.

* Trello - It helps in staying at the same page with multiple people that makes it easier to track the progress of particular tasks.

* - It plays musical tracks specially curated for the brain in order to improve focus, relax the nerves and help in meditation that boosts productivity.

* Evernote - It is an app that helps in keeping all the notes digital and handy.

We at Orooms passionately help and motivate our hostel students in leading a productive lifestyle. It is all about building a routine of small habits. Noticing daily actions intelligently and understanding the priority of necessary tasks is an important practice. When you conquer that, just know that you're on the right track.

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