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Best places to visit in Kota {2021 UPDATED}

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

If you think Kota is only full of coachings and hostels and there is nothing fun to look up to, you are mistaken.

Kota can in fact satisfy your wanderlust!

Here's a list of must-visit places in this beautiful city:

1. KST:-

Kishore Sagar Lake or Kishore Sagar Talab aka KST for the students in Kota is a famous tourist and local attraction of Kota City. Kishore Sagar Lake is one of the lakes in Kota which was built in 1346 by the prince of Bundi named Dher Deh. This man-made lake built in the 1300s is one of the most beautiful chill spots. Sunsets at KST are a breathtaking spectacle of nature which also offers a stunning view of the palace and the surrounding areas. The entire palace is made up of red sandstone which is lit up during night, which offers a beautiful view to its visitors as it is reflected in the Kishore Sagar Lake waters with color fountains and Sunday to Sunday fountain shows KST is a Must Visit place in Kota.

2. Kota Barrage:-

The Kota barrage, also known as the Kota Dam, is a dam on the Chambal River that is the fourth in a series of Chambal Valley Projects. It is located about 0.8 kilometers upstream of Kota City. The magnificence of this architectural marvel is a sight to see, like seriously. The sight of the massive water flow during the monsoon when the gates of the dam are opened is enough to give you chills. The roar of the dam water resonates throughout the near-by areas. The thunder of the gushing water can be heard from a mile away and the vibrations of the high-speed water can be felt from quite a distance. Kota dam gives out a majestic view when the water is let out at night. The cool breeze added with a mist splashing on your face is all the refreshment you need to kick start another day.

3. Garadia Mahadev:-

Garadia Mahadev is a very famous shrine of Kota City located near NH-76 at an approximate altitude of around 500 feet from mean sea level. If you're a person all for magnificent natural views then visiting Garadia Mahadev won't disappoint you in any way. The cliffs give out THE BEST view of the river Chambal you could find anywhere across the country. The cool blowing breeze seems to chant Shiv over and over again. The place gives you a feeling of tranquility. Many artists from different fields visit the place in search of inspiration, and boy, do they get it. If you're looking for peace, natural beauty, and God's own color palette, Garadia Mahadev is the place for you.

4. 7 Wonders Park:-

Planning a trip around the world to witness all 7 wonders of it? Don’t sweat. The city of Kota offers you a miniaturized version of all of those marvels, from The Roman Colosseum to The Eiffel Tower. Around the belt of Kishore Sagar Talab, there lies the spectacular 7 Wonders Park of Kota. The park is extraordinarily famous amongst the locals of the city and the students who come to the city for studies. People visit the park in a large number to enjoy a lovely picnic with friends and family. A lot of food stalls serving a large variety of food items are also available inside the park. Evenings are THE BEST time to visit the Park.

5. Garh Palace:-

Kota Garh Palace is a heritage site and monument built around 1246 C.E during the reign of Prince Jait Singh of Bundi. Kota Garh Palace is known by many different names around the city such as Kota Fort, Kotah Garh, City Palace of Kota, and so on. The Garh Palace should be on top of your visiting list if you really want to know about the history, traditions, and rituals of the Hadoti region of Rajasthan. The palace is decorated with mesmerizing wall paintings, mirror walls, and ceilings all these make The Kota Fort a memorable location. There are also some beautiful gardens around the palace, which enhance the beauty of the fort. The Garh Palace of Kota also has a museum within its premises by the name of Rao Madho Singh Museum. The museum houses a rich collection of medieval-age items which give away the stunning art and work of that era and a lot of years back as well. You will find the armory, outfits, and other different clothing items of former kings and queens.

6. Chambal Garden:-

Another place for which Kota is known is The Chambal Garden. Chambal Garden is an enormously spread-out garden in the heart of the city. Its main entrance is located right in front of Kishore Sagar Talab. Chambal Garden is known for its beauty, wide variety of flora and fauna. Here you would find a number of small ponds beautified with Lotuses and ducks. Boating is a practice being carried out in the garden for like forever! Full of giant trees – the garden has ample space to sit amidst nature, relax, listen to the calming sounds of wind rustling, birds chirping and soak in some sun. Chambal Garden offers an exquisite view of the Chambal River (as the name suggests) and The Thermal Power Plant. The garden also proves to be a great shooting spot for photographers and cinematographers in and outside of Kota. All over Chambal Garden is a great place to visit, from morning walks to afternoon chilling, Chambal Garden takes it all.

7. Khade Ganesh Ji:-

Khade Ganesh Ji is a very famous temple of Kota City dedicated to Lord Ganesh. It is believed that the temple is around 600 years old, the shrine is visited by thousands of pilgrims every year. The temple is located in the southern part of the city in the vicinity of the Chambal river. The temple is known for a very distinctive specialty, that it is the only temple across the country where the idol of Lord Ganesh is standing. At all other temples around the country, Lord Ganesh is worshipped either in a sitting or lying position. Beautiful peacocks are sighted around as well as inside the temple premises. Visiting Khade Ganesh Ji creates an exceptionally divine feeling, it creates peace and calm inside one's mind and heart.

8. City Mall:-

Alas! This place… From Allenites to Resonites to Motionites all unite at this ‘Heaven’ for students in Kota. City Mall was the first full-fledged shopping complex with an in-premises multiplex. This place is literally a students’ heaven from play zones to different cafeterias and eateries, City Mall serves every possible purpose.


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