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8 Success Strategies for aspiring students from Kota appearing for IIT JEE

Hello dear aspirants!
Are you wondering about how toppers achieved success in their IIT JEE exams? Do you also want to know how to rank well in the upcoming IIT JEE Advanced exams?
The Indian Institute of Technology Joint entrance exam (IIT JEE)) is one of the most competitive and challenging entrance exams in the country. You need to be mentally and physically prepared for the challenges ahead as a lot is going to be on your platter when you come to Kota. But we hope that your journey can be a little smooth sailing after applying these strategies for maximizing success in IIT preparation.

Stick To NCERT

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks form the basis for the exams. Aspiring IIT JEE students must note that not only do they provide a comprehensive understanding of all the concepts but also 60-70% of the JEE Mains paper is based on it. That’s why it becomes very important for you to learn everything thoroughly and also to practice the questions that are given after each chapter.

Set A Realistic Schedule

It’s a very well-known fact that “Time is our most valuable asset” and if you are aspiring for exams like IIT JEE Mains and Advanced in Kota then it becomes very crucial for you to utilize your time in the most efficient way possible. You should align your study schedule with the actual exam timing. Make a habit of studying during the 6-hour exam window of 9 AM to 12 noon and 2 PM to 5 PM to train your mind to be alert and active during this period. Additionally, maintaining a sleep schedule around the exam hours will boost mental sharpness and enhance exam-day readiness.

Identify Weak Subjects

While in the preparation phase, it’s very common to get carried away in the process of learning and be overwhelmed by the vastness of the syllabus. But it’s essential for you to know your weak subjects and work accordingly. Here are some books you can refer-

Utilize Competition In Your Favor

While competition can be intimidating, it can also be a valuable tool for your preparation. When you see other students in Kota making progress and performing well, it can inspire you to work harder and push yourself further. This can be especially helpful when you're feeling discouraged or stuck, as seeing other students making progress can help you keep your focus and stay motivated. But if you think you are constantly getting pressured then it's high time for you to regain your confidence and have faith in your abilities. Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and try to build your path in the best way possible.

Curate Balance

It's important to set aside enough time for your studies and mental health. By making sure to take breaks and give time to your hobbies, you can stay energized and focused, which will help you perform better in your preparation. There are a lot of Instagrammable cafes to visit in Kota, that you can visit to make yourself feel rejuvenated. Also, we at Orooms social clubs have a lot of recreational activities planned up for you on a regular basis which you can utilize to feel refreshed and happy. Hoping for you to make a lot of memories with us!

Be Curious & Ask Questions

One of the major reasons why students don’t get through these types of exams is that they do not try to develop curiosity.

The IIT JEE exam not only tests your understanding of the concepts but also your ability to think critically and apply your knowledge to new and challenging problems. Thus, it's important to cultivate a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge that will drive you to keep exploring and discovering new things.

Knowledge and curiosity are the real game changer- As a famous saying from all our time favorite movies Three Idiots goes by - "Success Ke Peeche Mat Bhago, Excellence ka Peecha Karo, Success jhak marke tumhare piche aayega."

Maximize Your Productivity

Maximize your JEE exam preparation efforts by adhering to the Pareto Principle, where 80% of your results will come from focusing on 20% of crucial concepts. Utilize past year JEE exam papers as a guide to identifying the most important concepts, and put in extra effort to master them for maximum results. The Pomodoro technique is a powerful tool in JEE exam preparation. By studying for 50 minutes straight with complete focus, followed by a 10-minute break, you can effectively improve your productivity and reduce burnout.

Build Resilience & Stay Motivated

Staying motivated during the preparation phase for IIT can be challenging, but it is crucial to reach your goal of being admitted to one of the top engineering institutes in India. To maintain motivation, start by setting clear and achievable goals and breaking down your preparation into smaller tasks. Surround yourself with positive influences such as supportive friends and family, and don't be afraid to seek help when needed. Additionally, take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly. Here are some good TEDx talks that you can use to your benefit.

While you work on all this it's important for you to know that all this is going to work only when you have a good and healthy environment to live and study. We at Orooms are doing exactly that and trying to make your journey smooth and hassle-free. Also, we have some more awesome blogs coming up for you soon, by that time why don’t you check out previous blogs.


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