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Overcoming the Increasing Rate of Suicide in Kota: Solutions to Curb It

Suicide rates have been on the rise in Kota, India’s Coaching Capital, which prepares students for IIT and NEET exams. This alarming increase in suicides is a cause for concern and calls for immediate action to help prevent further tragedies. Teenagers, who are generally between the age of 15-18 yrs, are able to achieve so many things because of their energy and enthusiasm but sometimes due to environment and situations, they end up taking extreme steps like suicide. The fragile minds of this age require special attention and care especially when they are dealing with anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of suicide. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons behind the rising suicides in Kota and what can be done to overcome them.

Reasons behind the rise in suicides in Kota:

1. Pressure To Perform - Students from across the country, especially those from rural areas, come to Kota with big dreams and high expectations, but the pressure to perform well in exams can become overwhelming and they often end up taking extreme steps like suicide. They have to deal with pressure from multiple agencies, some of which are listed below -

  • Parents - Parents' high expectations and financial support for their children's academic pursuits can create pressure that undermines the support system students need.

  • Coaching - Kota coaching's strict curriculum, long hours, and regular evaluations can discourage low-performing students.

  • Hostel - Hostel life is tough for students who may face comparisons to peers and roommates, and lack the comforts of home, making it challenging to adjust.

  • Self-expectation - IIT JEE and NEET exams' high cut-off rates create intense pressure for students to perform exceptionally well. Amid intelligent peers, students may feel demotivated and pressured to compete.

2. Lack Of Support Systems- Adolescence is a unique and formative stage in every individual's life and requires a lot of support from family and peer groups especially when they are preparing for competitive exams.

  • Many students who come to Kota are away from their families for the first time and may not have a strong support system to fall back on.

  • Friends and peers may not provide much emotional or practical support either, due to the highly competitive environment and a sense of reluctance to share anything vulnerable.

  • Coaching classes and hostels are also unable to provide much support due to multiple reasons.

But Orooms completely understand this and try to create a better support system for students. We try to provide a conducive environment that not only helps students to learn better and focus on their studies but also helps them to refresh and rejuvenate through conducting meditation programs, meetups, motivational sessions, workshops, and much more.

3. Competition -The competition to secure top college seats in Kota is fiercely intense and indisputably serves as one of the major sources of stress and anxiety for students. The pressure to outperform peers in these high-stakes exams can be daunting, often leading to burnout and mental health challenges.

  • This pressure is further escalated by the trend of hyper-competitive coaching and tutoring in the region.

  • Research has shown that this excessive competition can lead to numerous psychological issues such as anxiety, burnout, and depression in students.

  • To make matters worse, the student’s future prospects and even their sense of self-worth can be shaped by the results of this competition.

  • This can cause students to feel overwhelmed and isolated, leading to a further decline in mental health.

4. Mental Health Stigma - In India, a significant stigma remains attached to mental health issues, leaving people unable to open up about their feelings and struggles. Cultural and societal norms often discourage seeking help, leading to inadequate awareness and inadequate resources for those in need.

  • Many students do not seek help for their mental health problems, fearing that they will be stigmatized.

  • This can lead to students not receiving the necessary support and treatment, worsening their mental health issues.

  • There are a lot of triggers like childhood traumas, inferiority complexes, competitive environment, and feelings of hopelessness that can further escalate mental health issues in students.

  • An increase in awareness about mental health issues can help prevent barriers to talking about depression and handling serious issues like suicides in the region.

Ways to Overcome Mental Health Problems and Suicides in Kota

1. Creating A Supportive Environment - Parents, Coaching, Hostels, and government organizations must provide students with access to support systems. It is the responsibility of every organization to take a step further and ensure the betterment of students as a whole.

  • Parents can play a crucial role in supporting their children by providing emotional and moral support. They should provide such an environment for their kids where they can communicate effectively what they are going through.

  • Coaching institutes can provide a supportive environment by offering personalized attention to each student, addressing their doubts and concerns, offering them regular feedback on their performance, and giving overall a healthy environment that promotes their well-being.

  • Hostels can create a supportive environment by providing clean and comfortable living conditions, nutritious meals, and providing enough opportunities and events that will help students to have a sense of community and think beyond limits.

One prominent example of this is Orooms hostels. At Orooms, We make sure that every student is in a very healthy environment to focus very well on their studies and their health.

2. Regular Mental Health Check-Ups - To prioritize the emotional well-being of students, every organization related to students in Kota needs to regularly conduct mental health checkups. This will help identify early signs of distress and offer timely intervention and support to students struggling with mental health challenges.

  • Coaching centers should provide resources to their students so they can feel comfortable discussing any mental health issues they may be facing. This could include providing access to mental health professionals, such as therapists and counselors.

  • Hostels also need to conduct regular checkups related to not only their physical health but also their mental health. By doing this, We can help students to address major mental health issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, and suicide.

  • Hostel staff should also be trained in how to recognize signs of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, as well as how to handle a potential suicide attempt. They should also have access to mental health professionals and resources so that they can be better equipped to assist students in need.

Ultimately, prioritizing mental health in Kota will improve the overall quality of life and academic success of its students.

3. Educate Students On Mental Health - With growing concern over the rising rates of suicide and mental health issues in Kota, it's important to raise awareness about these topics on all levels. Adolescents are more vulnerable to mental health problems and it becomes very important to protect them from adversity and safeguard their psychological and emotional well-being.

  • This can be achieved through educational programs and outreach initiatives that focus on educating individuals about the warning signs of depression and anxiety and promote open discussions about mental health problems.

  • Another way to achieve this is through organizing events that focus on mental health-related topics, such as seminars and workshops that discuss ways to improve mental well-being, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

  • Additionally, hostels and coaching institutes need to create a safe environment where students feel comfortable discussing their issues with qualified professionals, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, or counselors.

4. Reduce Pressure - The pressure to perform well in IIT JEE and NEET exams can be excessive for students. By changing the education system to one that values creativity, critical thinking, and overall development, rather than just exam scores, we can reduce this pressure and create a more supportive and inclusive learning environment.

  • Government organizations can help students through advisory guidelines, national-level mental health initiatives, directories of counselors, and other audio-visual means to help students cope with the pressures of academic life.

  • Parents can help their children by recognizing that every child is unique and has their strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

  • Adopting a growth mindset, and encouraging students to explore their interests, take risks, and learn from failures can help build resilience, confidence, and a sense of purpose in students.

  • Coaching institutes in Kota can also help students by focusing on the wholesome development of students instead of being purely academic.

  • Teachers and mentors need to connect students on a deeper level so that students have a sense of ease and belongingness with the institutes.

Students on an individual level should learn to prioritize tasks and manage their time effectively. It is also important for students in Kota to remain extremely positive and build resilience to overcome all the challenges that they might face going ahead in the journey.

5. Increase Physical And Mental Activity - As much as students need to do academically well, it is also important for them to be physically and mentally active to promote their overall well-being.

  • Coaching institutes should introduce activities that promote physical and mental well-being such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes. This can help students to increase their focus and improve their well-being.

  • Hostels can increase the physical strength of students by providing them with nutritious meals, recreational areas, gyms, and other outdoor activities. This can help students in refreshing and rejuvenate themselves regularly.

At Orooms, We take care of your physical and mental health by providing you with gyms, and recreational areas. In Orooms social club we regularly organize events and overall make a safe space for recreation and collaboration.

6. Remove Lethal Means From Premises - Removing lethal means from hostels and coachings in Kota has the potential to improve the suicide situation in the city.

  • Lethal means that should be removed from hostels and coachings in Kota including anything that can be used to cause grievous bodily harm or death. This includes objects such as firearms, sharp objects, poisons, and drugs.

  • Additionally, any objects that can be used to hang oneself or otherwise cause injury should also be removed, such as ropes and cords

  • Fans should be suicide proof and balconies should be covered in a proper way to improve the situation of suicide attempts in Kota.

7. Other Helpful Resources - Apart from having 24/7 support systems, hostels should also be equipped with high-tech security systems that provide a safe and secure environment for students. Also, they can invite motivational speakers, and use audio-visual means to increase awareness about the issue.

  • Major helpline numbers, websites, and social media handles must reach out to students to increase awareness and help them when they are dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health-related matters.

  • Students also on their level can explore new areas, visit nearby cafes, join various study and community groups, etc enhance their learning experience, and gain opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

At Orooms, our heroes provide complete assistance for your entire stay. They are ready to help in times of emergency and provide top-notch security. Our security system ensures safety with the latest CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and other precautions.

In conclusion, the rising number of suicides in Kota is a serious issue that needs immediate attention. By following the above-mentioned ways to overcome mental health we can address these issues to a great extent. Meanwhile, it is also very essential for hostels and PGs to create a positive and happy environment for students well being. Orooms excels in all these aspects by providing you with nutritious meals, professional housekeeping services, value-added services, and community spaces which contribute to the overall development of students. We hope to serve you best and become a part of your unforgettable memories.


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